Hi everyone :) Shopgate is looking for innovative Product Owners (m/f) for our headquarter in the castle of Butzbach, Germany. But who are we? Shopgate has developed into the leading mobile commerce solutions provider over the last years. We develop mobile-optimized websi … more

Does anyone have a good template for creating a business/organizational readiness plan as part of a release?

Hi there! Bluebeam, Inc. is looking for product managers to join our team in our Pasadena, CA headquarters. Bluebeam makes digital collaborative software solutions for people who build things for a living. Every once in a while, they invite us to check out their projects in … more

Hi all!  Parachute Health is looking for its first Senior Product Manager to join the team in NYC. The product manager will collaborate with the Chief of Product, designers and engineers to reshape a multi-billion dollar industry.  Parachute Health is pioneering a modern ap … more

Hey all! inDinero just hired our VP of Product, and we're looking to build a product org underneath him in early 2017. Right now, we have one individual contributor level role open in Portland, though we're likely to have a lot more hiring to do once we firm up a product pla … more

Hi All! We are looking for a solid product manager to drive the future of our talent acquisition products. Role is in Monmouth county NJ. https://www.icims.com/talent-acquisition-software/recruiting-software If you are interested please apply below. https://careers.icims. … more

Hi everyone! I run recruiting here at Movable Ink and we're looking for Product Managers to join our team! This role will be working with a great team of engineers, and will own a piece of the Movable Ink platform. You can learn more about Life @ Movable Ink here. Please … more

I dealt with a similar challenge a few years ago before I came to Aha! I was working for a publicly traded SaaS company that had just acquired another SaaS solution based in Europe but selling worldwide. The website was in 3 different languages and we eventually manually tra … more

What's the biggest challenge of being a remote product manager? How do you overcome it?

The responsibilities outlined in the list belong to various domains and functions, primarily to product development, product management, program management, product architecture, product design, and release management.  Accordingly, there is no befitting job title to this ex … more

This can be a challenge for sure. Historically I've seen remote work most successful after you've established a rapport with the group/company/team. It's definitely tough to manage only from afar - you're not a person in that case. But if you can go on site a few times a y … more

How do you handle product pricing in foreign currencies?

User personas are defined by how they use your product, not by their titles. One company defined four personas to represent the various titles of users but when we looked at their usage attributes, we realized there were four titles for the same role.  Interview a few client … more

Senior Product Managers, If you are a wellness fanatic and innovative software enthusiast like we are, MINDBODY provides the best of both worlds! We are a rapidly growing SaaS company and looking to augment our incredibly talented Product Management Team, here in beautiful  … more

Agero, Medford, MA is seeking to fill multiple product development positions from Product Managers to Sr. Product Managers to Director, Product Management.  Please email to apply or for details achow@agero.com

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I understand the challenges you face when working with remote development teams that are located in opposite time zones - I've been in similar situations for many years. In my opinion, communication becomes even more important when working with remote teams. My first piece of … more

First, it should be noted that Scrum is a fundamentally flawed software development method which cannot be reformed. That is why companies are transitioning out of Scrum under various pretexts (scalability, remote teams, etc') and not fixing it. The Product Manager role and … more

I always start with, "what have you shipped?" I want to see everything that's still online and the ability to present a portfolio of EOL products.

Thank You for Your comments, I'll give Balsamic and Invision a try.

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I answered a similar question on Roadmap.com that I think you might find useful. While I didn't write that with a remote team in mind, I think all four points apply to transitioning to Agile as a remote team as well. Understand the goal Slow down to go fast Keep a tidy b … more

Interesting suggestion Steven. I have only used NetSuite in a CRM capacity before. I would be interested in hearing more details. Can you share a little about why you would like to integrate Aha! + NetSuite and how the two might work together to make life easier for you?

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To summarize the below for ease of consumption: Support should be able to support tactically, freeing up Product Management to support strategically Sometimes getting in the weeds is unavoidable, depending on organizational or product maturity Addressing defects and suppo … more


"We’ve allocated 100% of our resources to the roadmap; we’ll use the other 100% for special requests." -- Johnson’s Rule of Resourcing What you'll want to do is show the exec team that they aren't getting the strategic items on the roadmap because the team is allocated to cu … more

I can definitely relate :) if that helps.. Your executives probably took this decision because it means short term money and also customer sat' increase. Truth is , it is a very complicated balance. Boards usually don't care how the money pours in as long as it pours in. … more

Hi, In my previous role we had PMs and POs. We applied SAFe in an agile org of 200. The PM wrote the Epics. The PO wrote the stories. There'd be multiple POs representing a scrum team each. This allowed the PM to focus on the bigger picture, roadmap and stakeholders. And … more

How would you describe what you do in one sentence?

No I did not. My education was in journalism. As a Director for program / and product management I do a fair bit of recruiting into PM roles and find I prioritize experience and attitude over education. Some applicants are too formulaic in their approach. In my opinion a … more

We used Jira. There was a simpler 'suggestion form' for stakeholders/ biz, and they'd select the product it related to and geo. This 'suggestion' was automatically routed to the relevant PO to dig into as a 'not ready item' on their backlog.


Qualitative methods help you identify what you don't already know; quantitative helps you measure what you know. In addition, some methods are best for discovery while others are best for validation. Before you begin, you should search for insights from existing research. Y … more


Research is a tool that can be used by anyone. For a product manager, research serves to validate the assumptions in a business case, such as each of the topic areas in Ash Maurya's canvas. Everything here is a hypothesis that must be proven. The numbers show the order from … more

In one of the organizations that I worked for, the importance of customer satisfaction was paramount. In order to ensure that we maintained goodwill with our customers, realized custom work revenue and still maintained forward momentum on our own product visions, we segmented … more

A better question might be, what do PM's need to achieve that is different than the development team, and do the tools the development team uses support those different needs?

I highly recommend Aha! You will have a 'module' for ideas which your customers/users can log their own idea. You can write to your customers or to your internal team. You can define criteria to weight your idea i.e. increase sales to help prioritize them. Roadmap is easily … more

I agree with Isabelle 100% as I've experienced your situation as well. We had very prominent customers in the Fortune 100 which added to the weight of their requests. Much later we found out a few of our customers said they just kept asking for more wondering when we would fi … more

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I am currently using Heap analytics, which I selected because of their auto tracking feature for easy setup. After Heap was announced, Mixpanel brought out a similar feature that means less reliability to development resources to add events. Recently, Mixpanel has added two … more

Mixpanel - Analytics Hotjar - Heatmaps and recordings Optimizely - A/B testing Hubspot - Inbound marketing

In my experience, having worked both in SaaS and in client-specific products, I think the solution here is to have only ONE senior level Product Owner/Manager, who works with both the client implementation/operations team and the product development team, pursuing ONE common … more

Client work is cannibalizing my product development team -- how can I turn this around?

Does Aha! integrate with NetSuite?

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What tools or techniques would you recommend to inculcate Agile Development to remote development teams?

Does anyone have advice on the best way to build user personas?

How involved are you with the defect backlog or support issues in general?

The business defines what to solve, I help define how to solve them

IMO in one sentence: UX is how it works & UI is how it looks and feels

The Product Manager. That's the only way to get the product-market fit right! IMO, the use of term 'user research' makes it sound like an 'analyst' job. I like to view this as 'knowing my user' because only then I can figure out what she really needs (from my product).