Can someone share good examples and templates for creating a Product Roadmap?

What is the main tool you use to communicate amongst your product team?

Can you recommend professional services to help with Aha! setup?

What cities have the best job opportunities for Product Managers?

Has anyone used Roguelytics for analytics?

Does it make sense for an enterprise to have a business PM and technical PM in one agile team?

How do you get feedback from cross-functional teams after launch?

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How do I search for ideas in Aha! using only the title and summary?

When submitting an idea, is there a way to allow for people to choose multiple categories?

What things should PMs do every day to be successful?

How do you handle aggressive sales professionals?

What is the most important trait in a product manager?

Can we set up a user forum using Aha! like this one?

Who is hiring product managers? (September 2017)

What tools do you use to manage software projects?

What do you do when you inherit a product that's a mess?

What is the real value of a product manager?

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How do you setup the JIRA sprint field to integrate into Aha!?

What is the single most important metric to your product team?

Where do you keep all small improvements and iterations organized?

What are the best metrics if you are not selling a product?