Who is hiring product managers? (February 2019)

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Is there a way to maintain additional categories under the strategic area of the product so I can keep tabs on potential "buy" or "partner" companies?

How do you do sprint planning with large teams?

Ways to gather experience in an agile environment?

Can someone share a sample cover letter to help me write mine for a PMM position at Microsoft?

What are the best resources for learning the basics of managing the development of a high-quality web application?

What are best practices for release management in B2B companies?

Does anyone have a simple roadmap example showing list of enhancements by priorities?

Recommendations for form management software?

Is it possible to find a good product management position with a nontraditional background?

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Is there a site that has product management consulting gigs?

How would you market yourself if you are transitioning from a long time in a big company to a startup?

What are some good interview questions for professional candidates switching to a PM role?

What do you call a product manager without a product?

How do you shift from being a project manager into a tech product manager?

What online UX course do you recommend for PMs?

Will certification courses help me transition to a PM role?

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How do you communicate the Release plan vs. the Sprint Plan?

What would you add to the essential product launch checklist?

How do you distill ideas from internal stakeholders?

Can you choose more than one metric from the ideas score?