Who is hiring product managers and product marketers? (August 2019)

How do you build a strong partnership with your engineering team?

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Any experienced Aha! project managers available for consulting or freelance work?

What roadmap software is best for hardware products?

Research: Product Success Survey

Are there any non-software related Product Managers on here — ones that make actual real products?

Tips for using Aha! features, master features, and releases?

Is a Product Manager responsible for understanding and planning resourcing requirements?

What objects are companies mapping dependencies to — Features, Master Features, or Releases?

How do you work with an engineering team that is split as front end and back end? How do you define definition of done?

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What tools do you use to manage the entire product lifecycle?

Who is hiring product managers and product marketers? (July 2019)

What top 3 things do you want in your product management software?

How do you split duties when adding a 2nd product manager to your team?

Do you have a great tool for tracking/summarizing your market research?

Is there any standard certification for product manager?

How do you manage a product dev team that's not exclusively working on product dev?

How do you catch bugs (especially elusive ones)?

How do I transition back to PM after 5 yr experience gap of teaching high school physics?

How do product managers and senior product managers differ?