When hiring a product manager what skills do you look for?

Aha integrations

Yes, we have a robust API that many of our customers use. You can see the full API documentation here.But since you asked, I am curious what you are looking to accomplish? We have 20+ integrations with the best engineering, support, development, tools, etc. So you might check ... more

What are some examples of roadmaps you use most often?

I've led product teams at multiple companies and have written thousands of user stories. A quick google search will tell you that a user story should look something like this: As a ______, I need _____ so that ______ As a who, I need what so that why But even with a good temp ... more

I've had the opportunity to be a member of four different product teams. And now at Aha! I get to work with thousands more.In my experience the product team is typically led by the product manager and includes leaders from:EngineeringDesignMarketingSupportSalesOperationsYou m ... more

This a great question, and something that took me awhile to master. As product managers, we have to communicate with many audiences in varying levels of detail. A high-level roadmap for a board presentation looks very different than a detailed features roadmap sharing status. ... more

Product improvements keep your team energized and your customers happy. But that great idea is not going to fall in your lap. You have to know where to look for it. I have been a part of five early stage companies and have launched hundreds of releases over the past 15 years. ... more

Aha support

You can always email us at Your question will be answered by a member of our customer support team -- all former product managers with an average of 10+ years experience. We pride ourselves in being ultra responsive so don't hesitate to reach out. You will rec ... more

How does your team handle agile release planning?

Product Manager vs. Product Marketing Manager: Who owns what?

Does Aha! have an API?

What is the best user story template for product managers?

Where can I find Aha! support documentation?

When do you use quantitative vs. qualitative research?

Where do your best new feature ideas for your product come from?

Hiring a product manager is hard. There is not an assessment you can give to measure their mastery of the necessary skills like you can with an engineer and designer. But there are specific things you can look for during the interview process to help predict future success. I ... more

In a word? Slowly.I have personally been on 4 product teams, all using some variation of agile. And at Aha! we work with thousands of product teams, many running some form of agile development. More importantly, we have also helped many teams transition to an agile workflow a ... more

This is a great question. I have been both a product manager and a product marketing manager over the past 10 years, so I have experienced both roles. Now at Aha! I am fortunate that I get to interact with hundreds of product teams each month and see how they divide responsib ... more