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How do you determine the marketing budget for a product launch?

Are there any product management consultants with Aha! expertise?

How do you go about defining the vision for a product?

How do you avoid the "tradeoff dominoes" effect?

How do you run customer-led product discovery in your B2B company?

Can you expose Aha! in a Salesforce Community for end customers or partners?

How would you design the UX/UI for a novel product?

How do you ensure the feature development builds answer customer's needs?

I am interested in finding a product manager mentor — any suggestions?

How are you communicating roadmap changes?

Working with recruiters, what’s been your experience?

What Wiki Tools are you using to track product documentation?

How do I validate ideas that do not change the product UI?

How do I show ideas from a specific ideas portal in a report?

How should we communicate testing results to internal stakeholders?

How can I show features in different colors per initiative to get a better view?