How do you see the role of product manager changing in the next few years?

Is there a bug doing bulk changes to assignee?

What are some of the things needed to be an eCommerce PM?

  • Question asked by P. W.
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Can Aha! help you track revenue year over year?

What are the challenges of transitioning from a Scrum Master to a Product Manager?

What podcasts are you listening to learn more about product management?

How do you maintain leverage with third party software development contractors?

Any tips for working with a remote CEO/product owner which is causing communication challenges?

Is it possible to setup an Ideas portal spanning multiple products?

What are some resources for writing great user stories?

What should a product manager focus on in an early stage startup?

What is one downside to being a product manager nobody talks about?

How does your team use product management tools?

What is the best way to tell stakeholders that their desired new feature is not a priority?

Should original feature estimates be updated regularly?

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When integrating Aha! with Jira is anyone finding initiatives and features are too wide apart?

What is the difference between a Business Analyst vs. a Product Manager?

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Is there a way to summarize activity in Aha! each week?

  • Question asked by Tom Morgan
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When will you support a mobile responsive website for Aha! or have a native app?

In one sentence, what advice would you give to a new product manager?

Is Product Management a fungible skill?

Is it possible to have a default sequence on the Aha! features board?