• Question asked by Ruby Menon
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What product roadmap software do you recommend and why?

What is your biggest "light bulb moment" in your product management career?

  • Question asked by BAPM
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What are your biggest product launch challenges?

Should product managers use the same tools as development teams?

Has anyone used a Product Scorecard to measure the results of something post-launch?

Could I get some feedback on a "lessons of product" case I wrote?

  • Question asked by Ron Yang
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Did you have an engineering background before becoming a product manager?

What's your advice for transitioning to Product Management?

As a product manager, what tools do you use to communicate decisions?

How does your team use data or metrics?

Any good examples of presenting a roadmap visually?

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What is the best tool people use for tracking and displaying company KPIs?

  • Question asked by Luke Rohm
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What free tools do you use?

Is it helpful to utilize third-party, neutral facilitators for week-long design sprints?

Can you create a Prodpad style 'roadmap' in Aha!?

Can roadmaps be automated rather than created?

How far in advance should you write user stories for?

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What are your most important KPIs you track as a Product Owner?

What's a book about product management that changed the way you work in the last 3-6 months?

  • Question asked by Daniel May
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How do you manage product defects and errors?

Have you experienced a Product Manager also taking up the duties of a Product Owner and working across both roles?

Who currently uses Google Venture Design Sprint when beginning a new engagement?

Can you work on very innovative features when your product is lacking a lot of basic features?

How do you request customer input on the prioritization of enhancements?

Can you recommend a great tool for user story mapping?

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How do I get a product management job at Facebook, Google, or Uber?