What is your biggest "light bulb moment" in your product management career?

When hiring a product manager what skills do you look for?

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What are your biggest product launch challenges?

What is the worst product management advice you have ever heard?

Could I get some feedback on a "lessons of product" case I wrote?

Has anyone used a Product Scorecard to measure the results of something post-launch?

In just a few lines, can you outline your career path to product management?

What product roadmap software do you recommend and why?

What's your advice for transitioning to Product Management?

Any good examples of presenting a roadmap visually?

As a product manager, what tools do you use to communicate decisions?

What is the best tool people use for tracking and displaying company KPIs?

Is it helpful to utilize third-party, neutral facilitators for week-long design sprints?

Can you create a Prodpad style 'roadmap' in Aha!?

How do you manage product defects and errors?

Should product managers use the same tools as development teams?

What are your most important KPI's as a Product Owner?

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How do I get a product management job at Facebook, Google, or Uber?

How do you request customer input on the prioritization of enhancements?

Did you have an engineering background before becoming a product manager?

Who uses the Jobs to be Done approach and what have you learned in the process?

Has anyone found a checklist for launching your solution into a new market?

Who currently uses Google Venture Design Sprint when beginning a new engagement?

Can you work on very innovative features when your product is lacking a lot of basic features?

Have you experienced a Product Manager also taking up the duties of a Product Owner and working across both roles?

How do you best manage unplanned feature requests from important stakeholders?

Do you find recruiters struggle to understand UX Design?

Can you recommend a great tool for user story mapping?

What is the benefit of using slack over other collaboration software?

Have you ever worked with a PM with no former product management experience?

How do you educate yourself on being a better "product person"?

When you are developing mobile apps, do you write separate stories for UX and Dev (in your product backlog)?