If you've tried Kanban, what did you see as its pros and cons?

Do you collect internal and external ideas in different ways? Do you evaluate them in different ways?

Is there anyone who can setup my Aha! account?

What product management buzzwords can you not stand?

Do you group features by whether it is a base feature vs. a special-add on?

How would you define the role of a product manager?

Are there companies hiring product manager interns in the IoT field?

Is it possible to build out an Aha! report that would show completion in percentage (%)?

What tools do you use for product management?

Are product managers the new software engineers?

How do you see the role of product manager changing in the next few years?

Who is hiring product managers? (February 2017)

Is there any way to link Aha! notes to features?

How can I save my entire work in Aha! for recovery purposes?

What's your process for writing release notes?

What was your proudest moment as a product manager?

Do any Indianapolis/Chicago based PMs want to come talk to Indiana University students about PM?

Who is hiring product managers? (January 2017)

What product management predictions do you have about the future?

What are best practices for win/loss analysis?

Do you ever talk about your product to the press? If so, does your company provide media training?

Has the Aha! product ambassador program been discontinued?

What's the best method for tracking and reporting on requirements and dependencies across scrum teams in other business units?

What are your best practices for user interviews?

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How do you reflect Aha! features and initiatives in Jira?

Who is hiring product manager interns?

What's a fair contract rate for a midlevel product manager?

What certifications are important for product developers?

How would you improve Roadmap.com?

Have you connected Tableau with Aha! for external reporting?