Where is a good place to find users for user interviews (paid if necessary)?

What will the strategy be to improve the adoption of uberMOTO?

  • Question asked by Ken
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Advice for a career change to product management?

What tips do you have for a new product manager?

What are some free resources for up and coming product managers?

How do you track and communicate changes in your roadmap?

Any tips on how to create a list of target audiences based on historically launched products?

What courses would you recommend for a new product manager in the UK?

As a new product manager, how do you solve issues that were in place before you arrived?

Any tips on convincing users to participate in a beta test?

What is the best tool for competition mapping?

Do you have any frameworks to evaluate potential revenue from a product idea?

  • Question asked by Guy Erez
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What is the best way to link a Feature to a Salesforce Case Number?

Are there limits to the number of cards you can send from Aha! to a Trello board?

Will the Idea submitter lose visibility if I move the Idea from one portal to another?

How can you transition to a Product Manager from a Business Analyst?

Is there a way to update master features after sending them from Aha! to JIRA?

Can release templates be copied and applied to other products or product lines?

What is the best tool to use for converting user stories, estimates and progress into burndown charts?

Can I have two roadmaps that use the same feature cards but order features into different releases?

Do techniques of product management differ in different countries?

Is there a database of product manager stats?

Can a feature be associated concurrently with a release, a release phase and a milestone?