In one sentence, what advice would you give to a new product manager?

If you were going to move from product management into an adjacent role, which one would you choose?

Has anyone completed the 280 group certified product management course?

Which certification to go for: NPDP or CPM?

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Do you have a business case template to capture the feature + ROI?

  • Question asked by DL
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How do you prioritize internal (org) vs external (client) features?

Are there any product manager consulting opportunities?

What is your team's process to complete cost estimates for new feature requests?

How are you planning to approach the 'privacy by design and default' requirement of the GDPR?

  • Question asked by Alex
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How do you increase internal adoption and engagement of new methods?

How do you allow for separate estimates in Aha! for Design, Dev, and QA?

How can I link Aha! goals to our JIRA Project Story Maps?

What are your top tips for getting everyone across departments on board with your vision and roadmap?

Has anyone been to a PM bootcamp? Worth it/recommend it?

Anyone using Aha! to handle portfolio management? What views or reports are you using to look across all products?

Is it possible in Aha! for feature dates to be set by the sprint they are in?

Does anybody know of any product management conferences that take place?

What tool do you use to add business KPIs ($, timing, customer names,) to prioritize features?

Can anyone recommend an Aha! implementation consultant?

How should we setup Aha! product lines with an ideas portal?

How do you manage ideas and suggestions?

Do you think it's better for new PMs to start their careers at a startup or an established company?

Do you use dates on your product roadmaps?

Do you collect internal and external ideas in different ways? Do you evaluate them in different ways?

Is there anyone who can setup my Aha! account?

Kanban: love it or leave it? If you've tried Kanban, what did you see as its pros and cons?

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Do you share your product roadmap with sales?

Are there companies hiring product manager interns in the IoT field?

Is it possible to build out an Aha! report that would show completion in percentage (%)?

  • Question asked by DL
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Do you group features by whether it is a base feature vs. a special-add on?

How would you define the role of a product manager?

What are the best blogs for product managers?

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What tools do you use for product management?

How do you see the role of product manager changing in the next few years?

Is there any way to link Aha! notes to features?

Are product managers the new software engineers?

What was your proudest moment as a product manager?

Do any Indianapolis/Chicago based PMs want to come talk to Indiana University students about PM?

Who is hiring product managers? (February 2017)

What product management predictions do you have about the future?

Has the Aha! product ambassador program been discontinued?

Do you ever talk about your product to the press? If so, does your company provide media training?

What's the best method for tracking and reporting on requirements and dependencies across scrum teams in other business units?

Who is hiring product manager interns?