Who is hiring product managers? (February 2018)

Is it possible to display Master Features in the starter roadmap?

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How do I tell how long an idea has been in a given status?

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How can you be a successful product manager for big pharma corporations?

Uber interview question: How would you design a web search engine for children below 14 years old?

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How can I get partners to acknowledge receipt of our confirmation emails?

What is the difference between disabling a user account vs deleting a user account?

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Advice for a career change to product management?

What will the strategy be to improve the adoption of uberMOTO?

How did you start your first product management career?

Why won't our feature status update from Jira?

Where is a good place to find users for user interviews (paid if necessary)?

When I transfer a feature from Aha! to Trello I get this 'create_feature' error, what does it mean?

What do you set the Master Release "external release date" to if the release is still TBD?

What tips do you have for a new product manager?

At what point do you scale your product team?

Can I access links that are embedded in a mockup through the preview screen?

Can any one advise me if New Relic is integrated with Rational Team Concert?

How do you track and communicate changes in your roadmap?

What are some free resources for up and coming product managers?

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Can you import all of the items from Jira in one product and move them to another product?

Any tips on how to create a list of target audiences based on historically launched products?

What courses would you recommend for a new product manager in the UK?

Can you give an example of a product line initiative compared to a product initiative and how they work together and goals?

As a new product manager, how do you solve issues that were in place before you arrived?

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Why won't all of the records import from Jira?

Any tips on convincing users to participate in a beta test?

What is the best tool for competition mapping?