Who is hiring product managers? (October 2018)

What is one thing you wished you knew before you started your career in product management?

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What are good methods for naming products?

How would you go about setting product strategy from start to finish?

Would you sign up for a monthly learning digest for Product Managers?

How to combine feature list of two products into one list?

Where can I find a good example of a product brief?

For a SaaS business, what is the industry benchmark for Setup score?

What policies (service, privacy, etc) should I bundle with an API?

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How do you use the JTBD framework for your roadmap?

What are your thoughts on Pragmatic Marketing, General Assembly or Product School?

How do you keep yourself updated with the technologies, trends and newer ways of product management and related methodologies?

How do you make an effective marketing plan for core products?

What are the best practices for promoting a new mobile app on the web?

How do product managers use Trello, Asana, or other tools to manage home projects?

How can I become a product manager for AI focussed products?

What are the best ways to tie enhancements or new features to corporate business outcomes?

Newbie PM in Training: Can you critique my research questions?

What project management framework do you find useful in ensuring alignment across different teams?

What are some tips for getting started with my new product management job that will make my transition as smooth as possible?

How can I reduce the time I spend QA testing so I can free my time up for other things?

What is your favorite note-taking app?

Can you expose Aha! in a Salesforce Community for end customers or partners?

How do you create a passionate community of users?