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Does it make sense for an enterprise like adidas to have business PM and technical PM in one agile team?

Anyone aware of a company in need of an aggressive sales professional in the Long Island market selling business to business products or services?

  • Question asked by Bob Hall
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Describe an aggressive sales professional.

What is the most important trait in a product manager?

Can we set up a user forum using Aha! like this one?

What tools do you use to manage software projects?

What do you do when you inherit a product that's a mess?

  • Question asked by Shawn Pons
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How do you setup the JIRA sprint field to integrate into Aha!?

What is the single most important metric to your product team?

Where do you keep all small improvements and iterations organized?

What are the best metrics if you are not selling a product?

  • Question asked by Diana West
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Does anyone use Craft's JIRA Integration for big projects?

Advice on hiring an Aha! subject matter expert?

Where does product management belong?

Anyone found sending less onboarding email increases engagement?

What are your tips for helping a large organization effectively become lean?

What tools are you using to track how many customers have certain problems or needs?

How do you effectively beta test websites?

Does Aha! support time tracking per task?

What roles and responsibilities do you have in your Product Marketing organization?

How do you know if you are doing a good job as a product manager?

What is your current product management tool stack?