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We created Roadmap.com for product builders and innovators. We have spent our careers building products and always wanted a place where we could connect with like-minded entrepreneurial people. This site provides a forum for you to share what you know and ask many of the world’s best product leaders to answer questions that you have about building products and companies that people love.


Something exciting is happening in the world of product management. The field is growing fast and being a product manager is now one of the most sought after jobs. Top business schools are offering product management tracks and bootcamps are opening across the country to teach people how to build products that matter and lead cross-functional product teams.

The current crop of M.B.A. students has a new dream job: Product manager.

The Wall Street Journal

A new generation of product managers is entering the workforce and experienced professionals are looking for ways to transition into product management roles. If the ideas your company has today determine its future success, product managers are essential. Product managers are the ones who prioritize the building of ideas.

So, if product managers are essential, they need to continually improve their craft. With that in mind, we wanted to create a community for current and aspiring product managers to connect, share knowledge, ask tough questions, and find training and exciting new opportunities.

Welcome to Roadmap.com — we are glad you are here.


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Roadmap.com is a place for discussion. It is a place for learning. And it is a place that you might just find your next job. Please treat this place and community with respect.

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