What are the best blogs for product managers?

What product management blogs are you currently reading?

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At Product School, our content team works diligently to compile and share the latest news and insights in the Product sphere. The Product School blog covers topics from leadership, to best practices in launching products, to cracking Product Management interviews, and way more.

I would recommend the blogs posted by CohortPlus. They are very well researched and are usually well received, like this one on Why Product Managers need to do an effective competitive analysis.

Mind the Product (www.mindtheproduct.com) comes to mind. Also company blogs like Aha!, Pivotal Labs, InVision, etc. have great product management posts from time to time.

I always enjoy Marty Cagan's blog on SVPG http://svpg.com/articles/

I like Rich Mironov's crisp and often provocative Product Bytes blog at www.mironov.com



I recommend Inside Intercom blog. It is really great and insightful.

Teresa Torres' Blog is excellent and is currently looking at how Product Discovery is evolving and maturing.

I've been writing the 280 Group Product Management blog for thirteen years now https://280group.com/product-management-blog/. I encourage you to check it out - lots of great "How to" tips and strategies for being more effective.

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I know you said blog but I spend more time listening to podcasts than reading blogs. http://www.thisisproductmanagement.com/ has some great regular podcasts from a wide range of industries and product managers.

I tend to have this on a RSS feed. http://theaccidentalpm.com/

I love Mixpanel's & Amplitude's blog, with focus on data & KPI's.

I always enjoy www.nirandfar.com for user insights and how to build habit forming/changing products.

I also like to browse uplabs.com to check out new cool designs and redesigns.

Good additions, Deepank. Thanks for the suggestions!

Great blog. Makes you think. https://medium.com/@johnpcutler

thanks @Barry for the suggestion

Even I would like to know! If all the group members of Roadmap.com help in answering this question, it would be great.

https://blog.intercom.com/category/product-management/ has got to be one of the best ones out there. My team is constantly citing it.

I have recently put together a newsletter in hopes of being helpful to the product community. I spend a lot of time reading/listening and I try to surface what I think are the most impactful highlights from what I read. Hopefully it can save you some time and provide some useful insights. http://buildamazing.curated.co

There's Inside Intercom, which has great material for product people.

There's also zipBoard's blog, which has content for PMs. Also, I think a lot of PMs are tuning into podcasts. There's This is Product Management, Reid Hoffman's Masters of Scale etc. There's a whole list here: Top Podcasts for PMs

Here's a list of popular PM focused blogs: https://www.productmanagementtoolkit.com/blogs

Some great answers already, I read most of them! Product Focus’s blog is pretty good... https://www.productfocus.com/blog

I might just happen to be a regular contributor ;)