How are you collecting user feedback online?

When promoting ideas I lose metadata (goals, initiatives, etc.)

Cost savings versus sustainability - how do you weigh your options?

How do you score smaller product improvements vs larger feature requests?

How do you keep your backlog from becoming overwhelming?

What are the biggest problems you deal with in Product Management?

What's your stance on impact and effort values?

How do you distill ideas from internal stakeholders?

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Anyone interested in an offline meeting for discussing Product Management-related skills?

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Technical advice: What limitations do you see with this hypothetical WhatsApp feature?

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Does anyone have ideas on how to use the phone's sensor data to derive patterns around app usage?

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What do you think about a service that helps to make your daily, weekly or monthly updates and announcements noticeable?

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How do you categorize the importance of incoming ideas?

How do you capture ideas that come in from your customer service team?

What podcasts are you listening to learn more about product management?