Can I allow my team leads to vote for new features from the Aha! parking lot?

I'm using Aha! to plan releases and features ahead before they are linked to Jira in the parking lot (backlog). Before they become part of planned releases I'd like to find an easy way to let my team vote for the prioritization of features. What's the best way to do that?

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Hi Alex — Thanks for posting this question to the community.

The best way to get your team to vote for new features is to set up an Ideas Portal. If you are only interested in internal votes and ideas, you can set the portal to private. I did this on my last product team. We set up an ideas portal and used it for sales/engineering/marketing/etc. It was only accessible to our employees.

This approach worked well because it allowed us to collect all ideas in one central place. With the latest Slack integration, you can also create ideas directly from Slack and send them to Aha! without leaving Slack. It's really useful for capturing ideas on the fly without having to leave the conversation.

Although votes will not carry over when you promote an idea to a feature, you can still report on them. You can create a list report of all your features, which idea they are associated with and the number of votes that are associated with the idea.

Step by step examples: List and Pivot reports and Custom roadmaps 

Do you think an internal ideas portal would give you the structure you need?

Hi Bryan, thanks for your answer! I understand the idea and potential of idea portal and how the voting can come into place. Def a great way to prioritize new ideas before they are defined to be features.

But it's not solving my need so far: I already have features defined in Jira (Backlog) and Aha! (Parking Lot). But when it comes for instance to different app-audiences, our head of partnership might prioritize needs different than the user focused growth hacking team.

Therefore we'd simply need a way to communicate these already existing features to prioritize them and compile them as already planned.

Does that make sense?

As I read your reply, it made me think of this article:

It outlines planning and managing software delivery for multiple independent products at a portfolio level. It's a longer support doc, but check it out. It's not the "voting" idea that you original described, but it may give you some ideas about how to handle competing priorities across different teams. I hope it helps!