New on Social Handles

You will notice this post is different. It is not a question. It is an Announcement. And today is the very first one. Admins create announcements. We use them to share updates about changes or new functionality on the forum. You can comment on an Announcement just like any other post. And we hope you do! These will keep you informed of the latest site improvements and give you a place to tell us what you think. 

One of the goals of this community is to encourage product managers to connect with each other. Our first update is meant to help you do more of that.

You can now add your social handles to your profile.

Continue to share your expert knowledge on while growing your social networks. By updating your profile with Twitter and LinkedIn, you can now find, follow, and connect with other leading product managers from our growing community. 

Head over to your profile page and add your social handles in now. 

To connect with your favorite poster, visit their profile by clicking on their name. If they have linked their social accounts you will see them below their bio info.

What do you think of new way to connect? What other updates would you like to see on the forum? Comment below and let us know.

5 Replies

Excellent. I'm all in.

Awesome, @Joel. I just connected with you on both. Glad you joined! 

I am a passionate Product Manager, mentor and speaker on Product Management. I love being a part of this community.

Great enhancement Bryan. I have noticed a lot more in my social media feed lately :)

Added mine and looking forward to connecting with other PMs here in the community.