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Welcome to — a community of inspired innovators coming together to build and market better products.

We celebrate curiosity, sharing perspectives, and asking tough questions. is for learning. (You can read more about our mission here.) This is a place where you can enjoy building your influence and passing along what you have learned. It is also where you can mash ideas while maintaining the utmost respect for others who may not share your views.

To promote a positive dialogue and ensure discussions are valuable to the community, there are a few ground rules for participation.

Here are the basic guidelines:

What kinds of questions should I submit?
Questions related to innovation, company building, product management, product marketing, strategy, entrepreneurship, and (of course!) roadmapping. The best questions are clear and concise.
What should I not submit?
Things like politics, religion, or sports. Be respectful and keep the conversation focused to the categories.
What kinds of questions should I answer?
As many as you can. Show off your skills and invest in the community. The more questions you answer, the more influence you will build.
Can I re-post my own content from other channels?
Only as supporting facts. If you have written an article that supports your answer, add an excerpt if it makes sense. This is not a place to build links or promote your blog or product.
Can I share content from others?
Sure, as long as you cite the source. But do not impersonate anyone or plagiarize their work. Be considerate and give proper attribution.
Can I promote my product?
We want questions and answers on to be meaningful for everyone. Do not use deceptive means to promote your company or product. Product promotion should be limited to questions about tools.
What else should I know?
This should go without saying, but do not spam discussion threads or try to mislead with your answers. Do not do anything that would cause confusion between your account and your company. Be kind to others.

If you have additional questions feel free to contact us here.

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