Why is my time estimate pushed to Jira inaccurately?

How can I get access to the "account" settings?

Does anyone have a canvas that they've used to do the high-level definition of a feature within their product?

Is there a way to add custom fields to the Features screen?

How do you objectively compare the quality of one database model vs another?

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  • Question asked by Leo
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As a current software engineer, how do I break into product management without an MBA?

How do you evaluate build vs buy for new features?

How do you change the product prefix?

How do I carry over record links from Aha! to Jira?

How to sync functional specs with design across multiple platforms?

Where is the best place for Product Management to sit within a larger organization?

Any suggestions for alternatives to Google Analytics for a B2B SaaS product?

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How do I permanently remove the new messages from Aha! that always appear at the top?

How can I report on Company initiatives that have no Product releases?

Is anyone involved in a new (<1 year old) product management team in the UK?

Why are features duplicated when I add a Release phase name column to the list view?

How can we add additional fields to features from the bulk edit screen?

How do I get my custom field / layout to connect to my Idea portal?

How can I move a bucket of Master Features from one Goal to another?

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Feedback on my Goals & Initiatives

Can you open the notes function to allow for tablet/stylus usage?

Are there any good frameworks or principles for making a tech tree?

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How do I get all the ideas by user id or user email using Aha! API?

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How do I change the default view for the Feature Workflow Board?