Research: What are the challenges of product managers?

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What are books, courses, or other resources on the basics of software architecture for product managers?

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Which product management conference would you recommend and why?

What skills do you need to master to advance your career in Product Management?

Does anyone know of Aha! for Product workshops or on-line training?

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Anyone out there an experienced Aha! consultant helping other companies implementing Aha!?

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In an Aha! and Jira integration, what could we gain by linking Epics to Master Features or Initiatives instead of Features?

How do you manage updating customer facing training based on releases?

Recommendations on transactional emails tools?

What tools can a product manager use for the automation of product testing?

As a product manager, should I take a product marketing role?

What are the biggest problems you deal with in Product Management?

Who is hiring product managers? (May 2019)

Is anyone using Aha! and Jira with the BigPicture plugin?

How can I measure the time between unassigned features and assigned features?

Is it possible for a portal user to login to the API OAuth?

How do you choose what companies to apply to as a product manager? What criteria do you take into consideration?

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Any examples of feature level OKRs rolling up to product OKRs?

Is there a way to get a list of all the Strategic Initiatives and their Master Features?

How can I optimise a 'leaky' product sold solely in the AWS and Azure marketplaces?

Should I become a product manager, data analyst or something else?

How do you track all the product features across multiple platforms?