Does anyone have a canvas that they've used to do the high-level definition of a feature within their product?

Why is my time estimate pushed to Jira inaccurately?

How do you evaluate build vs buy for new features?

How can I get access to the "account" settings?

Is there a way to add custom fields to the Features screen?

How do you objectively compare the quality of one database model vs another?

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  • Question asked by Leo
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As a current software engineer, how do I break into product management without an MBA?

How to sync functional specs with design across multiple platforms?

How do you change the product prefix?

How do I carry over record links from Aha! to Jira?

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How do I permanently remove the new messages from Aha! that always appear at the top?

How can we add additional fields to features from the bulk edit screen?

Why are features duplicated when I add a Release phase name column to the list view?

How can I report on Company initiatives that have no Product releases?

How do I get my custom field / layout to connect to my Idea portal?

Where is the best place for Product Management to sit within a larger organization?

How can I move a bucket of Master Features from one Goal to another?

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Feedback on my Goals & Initiatives

Can you open the notes function to allow for tablet/stylus usage?

Is anyone involved in a new (<1 year old) product management team in the UK?

Any suggestions for alternatives to Google Analytics for a B2B SaaS product?

Are there any good frameworks or principles for making a tech tree?

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How do I get all the ideas by user id or user email using Aha! API?

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How do I change the default view for the Feature Workflow Board?