Where do you put master features (or, as I call them, epics)?

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How do you approach naming products and features?

What products do you love?

Can an entry defined as a Product be changed to a Product Line at a later time?

What do you think are the key factors that determine a product's success or failure in market?

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  • Question asked by J.B
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How do you validate product features with the market and potential clients?

What are your favorite books on product management?

In B2B software development, how do you define acceptance criteria for a product feature?

What are the responsibilities and accountabilities of a Technical Product Manager role for B2B companies?

What (or who) made you want to be a product manager?

Who is hiring GDPR (DPO) managers in the UK?

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How do product managers successfully bring products to launch?

Whats the difference between a Sr. Product Manager and a really good Product Manager?

What is the worst mistake you have seen a new product manager make?

What are some good methods for validating how pervasive a problem is in the market?

How do you stay up to date on the latest product trends?

What is the best walk-through software to onboard new users?

What's the most important ongoing training for product managers?

How do people persuade customers not to submit bugs via an Ideas portal?

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What is your JIRA workflow for new features?

How can I export Aha! data to an owned backup solution?

How should product managers establish a good relationship with the engineering team?

Who is hiring product managers? (April 2017)

How do you structure your Aha! + JIRA Integration?

If you were going to move from product management into an adjacent role, which one would you choose?

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Do you have a business case template to capture the feature + ROI?

Has anyone completed the 280 group certified product management course?

How are you planning to approach the 'privacy by design and default' requirement of the GDPR?

What is your team's process to complete cost estimates for new feature requests?

Are there any product manager consulting opportunities?

In one sentence, what advice would you give to a new product manager?

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How do you prioritize internal (org) vs external (client) features?

  • Question asked by Alex
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How do you increase internal adoption and engagement of new methods?

How do you allow for separate estimates in Aha! for Design, Dev, and QA?

How can I link Aha! goals to our JIRA Project Story Maps?

Is it possible in Aha! for feature dates to be set by the sprint they are in?

Has anyone been to a PM bootcamp? Worth it/recommend it?

Anyone using Aha! to handle portfolio management? What views or reports are you using to look across all products?

What are your top tips for getting everyone across departments on board with your vision and roadmap?

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How detailed should your requirements be?