Did you have an engineering background before becoming a product manager?

Yes, sort of. I have an Industrial Engineering degree and worked for a few years as an engineer doing the equivalent of product development in the auto industry.

Then I moved to IT and Software development and was a project manager or business analyst before moving to product management.

I still tend to look at things with an engineer's perspective.

Observe or interview prospective customers and users to understand the "jobs" they do on a regular basis, what the desired outcomes are, and what challenges they face along the way. Do so by inquiring what they actually do and not by posing hypothetical questions.

Avoid these five pitfalls of prospect interviews.

In Aha!, is it possible to create a Feature Template with preset Requirements similar to how it can be done with preset To-Dos?

Hi Gail,

It is possible to create a feature template with preset requirements in Aha!

This blog post shows how you can create feature templates and copy them. For your use case, you would also include requirements in your template. When the feature template is copied, those requirements will be created in the new feature.

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