Does Aha! allow tracking financial metrics?

Hi Mark - 

You can track financial metrics in a bit more granularity with custom fields: 

  • For example, you may have an overall high-level forecast at the initiative level of how much work it will take to complete, and then track it to progressive work done as features and releases linked to initiatives are completed.
  • You can set up custom fields at almost every level in Aha! - and how they are used are at at the product owner's discretion. 

Here's some more information about custom fields:

Once custom fields are added, they are available for custom reporting and filtering.

I hope this helps! 

We have a high level market facing roadmap which we share with those who request it. Usually, these requests are in RFP's or from industry analysts.

We call it the public roadmap. It is a simple Word .doc that we store as an Aha! note. It has three columns. They are "Today", "Planned", and "Future". "Today" highlights features that we want people to know we have. "Planned" highlights work that appears in our current four quarter roadmaps in Aha!. And, "Future" demonstrates our vision by highlighting exciting features that match with industry trends and demonstrate our thought leadership.

Everything on the roadmaps is real, but it's not specific enough to bind us to delivery dates.

Should PMs encourage others in the company to have a sense of ownership?

At Aha! (and at other companies I've worked for) we have a "product team." This is a cross-functional team that is lead by the product manager and includes leaders from engineering, program management, sales, support, marketing, and operations. This core team shares the vision and unites other teams inside the company.

Establishing a product team might be one way to help spread the sense of ownership. And hopefully, it won't feel like you are doing everything yourself. If the product team is aligned, everyone can chip in to drive their piece of the launch and help their respective teams understand the goals and why behind the work.