I am interested in finding a product manager mentor — any suggestions?

What roles and responsibilities do you have in your Product Marketing organization?

Has anyone completed the 280 Group certified product management course?

How can I optimise a 'leaky' product sold solely in the AWS and Azure marketplaces?

What resources should I use for PM interviews?

Are there any good release plan templates for before and after launch?

What's the best method for tracking and reporting on requirements and dependencies across scrum teams in other business units?

How many teams should a product owner be dedicated to?

What are your most important KPIs you track as a Product Owner?

How can I delimit the objective of an ongoing product?

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How do you use the JTBD framework for your roadmap?

Can you create a Prodpad style 'roadmap' in Aha!?

In Aha! what is a good way to handle features that are duplicated in different releases?

What's your stance on impact and effort values?

If you go to a product marketing workshop, what would you expect to learn?

What are the best certification programs for product management in India?

Is there a tool to track product requests and questions?

Can I copy/paste a screenshot into the Aha! mockup tool?

How do you create a passionate community of users?

What do you think are the key factors that determine a product's success or failure in market?

Has anyone here used Basecamp for project management?

Is there any standard certification for product manager?

What is the best degree for a product manager?

Should every company have a Chief Product Officer?

Should PMs encourage others in the company to have a sense of ownership?

Any Aha! practitioners in Switzerland?