Looking for Implementation Consultant/Product Manager with experience implementing Aha!

How do I find a missing release on the Features > Board view?

When will Aha! get a visual facelift?

Can I change the order of Master Features shown on an Initiative card?

Advice for mapping phases of Features with those of Releases

How do I tell how long an idea has been in a given status?

How do I set different feature card layouts for two different products?

How can I prune the Aha! tag list?

How can I transition from product owner to independent consult?

How do I show ideas from a specific ideas portal in a report?

Does Aha! support touchscreen drag and drop?

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How do I add a custom field at the feature creation modal?

Can I link a sub-release to more than one master release and program?

As a Product Manager how do you measure customer retention and acquisition?

How can I exclude items with certain tags when filtering?

How to integrate Aha! product from product portfolio to particular JIRA Project?

How do you manage a product dev team that's not exclusively working on product dev?

Recommendations for evaluating the quality of content that is translated by Google Translate?

How do you center an image in a notebook slide?

Is there a way for others to comment or edit on a feature without a read/write license?

Do you have any frameworks to evaluate potential revenue from a product idea?

What solutions do people use to attain business driven data analytics without needing a dedicated business intelligence resource?

Is it possible to customize the idea status based on the linked feature status?

How do you deal with business trips in time and material (T&M) projects?

How do you catch bugs (especially elusive ones)?

Should a Feature be mapped to an Initiative if its parent Master Feature is mapped to the Initiative? If so, when and why?

How do I send Jira issues to Aha! ideas?

How do I avoid duplicates between my Aha! and JIRA integration?

How to combine feature list of two products into one list?