What is the best tool for product management?

If you've tried Kanban, what did you see as its pros and cons?

Who is hiring product managers or other strategic roles? (January 2020)

As a Product Owner, do you let (lead) developers create JIRA tickets?

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Who is hiring product managers? (September 2017)

Should the discovery phase be run as an agile process?

Are there any non-software related Product Managers on here — ones that make actual real products?

Working with recruiters, what’s been your experience?

What do product managers want from designers?

Will certification courses help me transition to a PM role?

How do you have the Aha! and Jira integration set up?

What are the best tools to store competitor research?

The 2019 State of Product Management Survey

Should brand ever be prioritized over product functionality?

What are your most important jobs as a Product Manager?

What are some warning signs that a product is failing?

How do you report on time spent in Jira?

Should original feature estimates be updated regularly?

How involved should product managers be with product marketing?

Anyone know of a free roadmapping tool that integrates with JIRA?

What certifications should someone get to become an Associate Product Manager?

What is something you do to make work more fun for your team?

What are best practices for win/loss analysis?

How do you see the role of product manager changing in the next few years?

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How do you increase internal adoption and engagement of new methods?

How did you land your first job as a product manager?

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Anyone interested in an offline meeting for discussing Product Management-related skills?