Looking for Product people to interview for 30-mins (for a $25 USD gift card)

Short survey about Product Management for my master's program

What is best for conducting user interviews—a single PM or a group?

Is there a correlation between product strategy and profitability?

Research: Product Success Survey

Do you have a great tool for tracking/summarizing your market research?

Any tips on handling product localization? How to motivate users to help us with localization?

What jobs do you 'hack' solutions for most because no adequate tool exists?

Research: What are the challenges of product managers?

Is there a forum where user feedback can be shared online?

How do you learn exactly what customers want?

Is Product Hunt a good way to validate product ideas?

Do you incentivize beta testers or early adopters?

How would you write a brief for customer research to an agency?

What are the best resources for writing provisional patents?

How do you manage ideas at your company?

If you go to a product marketing workshop, what would you expect to learn?

What policies (service, privacy, etc) should I bundle with an API?

What are your thoughts on Pragmatic Marketing, General Assembly or Product School?

Newbie PM in Training: Can you critique my research questions?

What is the best way to collect user feedback?

Does anyone have product management case studies they can share?

How do you run customer-led product discovery in your B2B company?

What is the best language for data scraping?