Short survey about Product Management for my master's program

Is there a correlation between product strategy and profitability?

What jobs do you 'hack' solutions for most because no adequate tool exists?

Is there a forum where user feedback can be shared online?

Is Product Hunt a good way to validate product ideas?

How would you write a brief for customer research to an agency?

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What are the best resources for writing provisional patents?

If you go to a product marketing workshop, what would you expect to learn?

What policies (service, privacy, etc) should I bundle with an API?

What are your thoughts on Pragmatic Marketing, General Assembly or Product School?

Newbie PM in Training: Can you critique my research questions?

Does anyone have product management case studies they can share?

How do you run customer-led product discovery in your B2B company?

What are the best methods to determine a customer's willingness to pay using a product landing page?