Where is a good place to find users for user interviews (paid if necessary)?

Any tips on how to create a list of target audiences based on historically launched products?

Any tips on convincing users to participate in a beta test?

Is there a database of product manager stats?

Can anyone help with suggested names for our new sanitary product?

If you could ask your customers only one question, what would it be?

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Any recommendations from product managers for an email platform?

How are you as a product manager measuring churn and reducing churn?

How can I evaluate revenue impact from a design decision before I initiate a project?

What are some warning signs that a product is failing?

What are your favorite books on product management?

What are some good methods for validating how pervasive a problem is in the market?

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Do you have a business case template to capture the feature + ROI?

How are you planning to approach the 'privacy by design and default' requirement of the GDPR?

What are your best practices for user interviews?

What do you think are the key trends to watch in Product Ownership?

Does anyone have advice on the best way to build user personas?

Could I get some feedback on a "lessons of product" case I wrote?

Has anyone found a checklist for launching your solution into a new market?

How do you educate yourself on being a better "product person"?

Which tools do you use to gather and analyse customer feedback?

When do you use quantitative vs. qualitative research?

Who owns user research in your company, and how well does it work?

How often do Product Managers use 3C framework, Market trends analysis, and 4P Model?

How do you establish a feedback loop with the users of your white-label product?