How do you deal with sales when their idea is good, but the cost vs. benefit is not?

What are the best ways to tie enhancements or new features to corporate business outcomes?

How do you avoid the "tradeoff dominoes" effect?

What timelines do you use to think about your roadmaps?

Can we really build long-term product roadmaps in an agile world?

Has anyone used an "hourly active users" metric to measure mobile app engagement?

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What is the best way to prioritize features based on customer research?

  • Question asked by Ron
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How do you decide when to end-of-life a product?

How do you track and communicate changes in your roadmap?

What are your prerequisites for allowing a feature onto your roadmap?

What roadmap are you working on right now and why?

How do you create a backlog for multiple products on one platform?

Why can I not drag, expand, or contract roadmap items in a custom roadmap?

Can someone share good examples and templates for creating a Product Roadmap?

Where do you keep all small improvements and iterations organized?

What should a product manager focus on in an early stage startup?

What is the best way to tell stakeholders that their desired new feature is not a priority?

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How do you prioritize internal (org) vs external (client) features?

  • Question asked by Alex
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Do you share your product roadmap with sales?

Any good examples of presenting a roadmap visually?

Can roadmaps be automated rather than created?

How do you request customer input on the prioritization of enhancements?

Do you allow customers to pay to reprioritize items on your roadmap?

What are some examples of roadmaps you use most often?

Do you share your product roadmap publicly with customers? Why or why not?