How can I get started in product management?

I worked in digital marketing and copywriting fields and I want to shift to product management. What should I learn to start in this career? Are there online courses that I can take a look at beside Udemy? If there any recommended courses or books please share them.

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Attending to conferences, checking out online resources or reading books are good ways to get started. However, you will need more than that in order to get a job into this field.

The problem is that without practical experience, it leaves the question of ‘what have you built/managed?’ open to interpretation. There are a few things that will help you optimize for getting a product management job:

  • Take a PM course. I founded Product School to help other aspiring product managers break into product by building side projects and learning from senior-level PMs at top companies such as Google, Facebook, Lyft, Paypal and other startups. We currently offer 8-week part-time courses in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and New York.
  • Build something. Check out these side projects created by some of our students.
  • Find a mentor. Learn from a real-life PM or find one best practices.
  • Network. Checkout product Meetups events in your city.
  • Read. Check out Cracking the PM Interview.
  • Hackathons. Check out product hackathons such as ProtoHack or StartupWeekend.

I moved from digital/web team management to product management, and I think a lot of the skills you already have will be relevant - you perhaps just don't know it :)

For example, an aspect of Digital Marketing is about creating compelling campaigns, measuring their success, tweaking and making decisions based on data. This is a big part of product management: hypothesize, design, test, learn. Rinse & repeat.

Copywriting is about writing a compelling story that people understand. This is certainly a part of Product Management: whether it's encouraging internal teams and taking them on the journey, or whether it's putting that creative knowledge to work in making a product that appeals / is user friendly / makes SENSE to's the same skillset.

I'd recommend reading the Lean Product Playbook by Dan Olsen:

Read "Behind Every Great Product" from Silicon Valley Product Group.

To succeed you need to demonstrate you know what and how to do the job starting with how to write a product market strategy, marketing plan including social media. One way to start is with my Udemy course and complete exercises/workbook. For free, I'll review and give you feedback. If you do a good job demonstrating you know how to do the job, I'll give you a letter of recommendation to take with you workbook to demonstrate to a prospective hiring manager that you know how to do the job.