How do product managers use Trello, Asana, or other tools to manage home projects?

Can you expose Aha! in a Salesforce Community for end customers or partners?

What is your favorite note-taking app?

What SaaS tool do you use to manage user licenses and billing?

Why do report colours change from browser to browser?

Are there any product management consultants with Aha! expertise?

  • Question asked by Katy Fahey
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How are you communicating roadmap changes?

What Wiki Tools are you using to track product documentation?

How do I show ideas from a specific ideas portal in a report?

Why can't I promote an idea as a requirement in a feature?

How can I show features in different colors per initiative to get a better view?

Can I sync custom fields to Rally?

Can I turn off the prefix on requirements?

  • Question asked by Aman Khan
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How do I change the order of features in a Master feature?

What are the most common tools that product managers use on a day-to-day basis?

Is it possible to push Aha! initiatives as a Redmine ticket?

  • Question asked by Alexis
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How do I add a custom field at the feature creation modal?

How can I document market problems in Aha!?

  • Question asked by Daphne Hui
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How do you push a feature from Aha! to VSTS?

Can I change the order of Master Features shown on an Initiative card?

What is the best way to integrate one Jira project with multiple Aha! products?

Any suggestions for mapping Features in Aha! to Epics in Jira when you need to break epics down even further?

Can a feature span across many sprints?

How do you handle allocation of teams in Aha!?

How do I change my week to start on Sunday and also block holidays?

How can I access the SWOT analysis template?