Have you connected Tableau with Aha! for external reporting?

Anyone integrated Salesforce.com with Aha! and TFS?

What is the best way in Aha! to represent a user story map?

What are best practices for using Aha! to roadmap phases of Initiatives?

Aha! or Jira Portfolio to manage your portfolio when the backlogs are in Jira?

Is there a way to create a chart for partners?

  • Question asked by Steven Cox
  • 3 replies

Does Aha! integrate with NetSuite?

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Can you create a Prodpad style 'roadmap' in Aha!?

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How do you manage product defects and errors?

How do you have the Aha! and Jira integration set up?

Anyone Using Aha! and Jira integrations in a SAFe Agile environment?

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How do you put your value proposition canvas into Aha?

How quickly does Aha! respond to support requests?

Is there a feed for roadmap.com? I'd love to tie the forum into something like feedly

How do you manage customers and competitors in Aha.io?

Really awesome concept! Will there will be a similar Q&A feature added to Aha?

What third party systems have you integrated Aha! with?

Where can I find Aha! support documentation?