What software, tool, or app do you find helpful for your job that might surprise us?

Why do you promote Ideas to a feature rather than an Initiative?

When Aha! is down is there a status tracker?

  • Question asked by Guy Erez
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Is it possible to hide certain Releases on the Board view?

Why won't our feature status update from Jira?

How do you set default permissions for new users in Aha! through SSO?

How do I re-order phases in a release?

Is there a mobile friendly or app version of the ideas portal?

Has anyone submitted an idea to add a legend to Aha! reports?

What version of Redmine is required to integrate with Aha.io?

What do you set the Master Release "external release date" to if the release is still TBD?

What is the purpose of the description field in the Vision section?

As a Product Owner, do you let (lead) developers create JIRA tickets?

Can I remove "Goals" in Aha! from the Features Details screen?

What is the main tool you use to communicate amongst your product team?

Can you recommend professional services to help with Aha! setup?

Has anyone used Roguelytics for analytics?

  • Question asked by Connie
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How do I search for ideas in Aha! using only the title and summary?

How do you bulk update email addresses?

When submitting an idea, is there a way to allow for people to choose multiple categories?

How do you send all Aha! features to Pivotal Tracker?

How can I track the amount of time an idea is in each status?

How do I order products in a roadmap?

Is there a way for Aha! users to see ideas assigned to them aside from creating a separate report?

Can I define different teams?

Can I restore features on a roadmap from a prior snapshot?

Can we set up a user forum using Aha! like this one?

What tools do you use to manage software projects?

How can you move a mockup to different product?